Born a bastard, Markus was sold into slavery as a child. His Orc masters used him to steal for them, his childlike innocence made it easy to go undetected. Due to his enslavement, he grew a deep resentment towards Orcs. When he was 16, he escaped his masters and fled to another kingdom. With no connections and no money, he began stealing to survive, trying not to take any more than needed. He surrounded himself with other lowlifes and naively tried to help improve the lives of those around him during dark times. Seeing the cost of war on these kingdoms, and the people around him, and blaming the wars for his current state, he became inspired to fight for peace. At age 25, he became diagnosed with an unknown terminal illness. Realizing he doesn’t have much time left, he is still determined to fight for peace, but also on a desperate hunt for a cure.



Born into the syndicate is family tradition that goes back to the formation before kingdoms rose, the syndicate is always there. I’m just the latest generation of spies, thieves, and assassins. I never hated being a part of the syndicate, but there were lines I would never cross. The leader of our syndicate crossed those lines, that caused me to abandon their cause and everything I’ve ever know. The leader or as most know him as “The Count”(kind of a dick) he’s kind of a big fan of tales of vampires and he’s known for drinking blood. Every once in a blue moon, The count needs his fix and he only seemed to want the blood of children, that was the line to never cross for me, during the night I slipped away before anyone could notice. No one has ever left the syndicate except by death so I’m not too sure what the punishment will be if they ever catch me, I’ve escaped to the slums of Fanamel just doing what I can to live a good life and stay hidden.


A mysterious from an underground holy order named The Order of the Black Rose.


Thundercat was 16 when he joined the cult. It wasn’t like he meant to, but the people were nice and there leader Valentine was very convincing, and preyed on those vulnerable. Soon like most cults things took a dark turn, slowly people would disappear if they disagreed with Valentine. Thundercat was approached by Valentine and asked to help in saving the coven. Valentine began to talk about this Ritual to save them. Valentine’s appearance changed, he became paler and more deranged in his claims. Valentines advisers began to make plans to attack a village close by. Soon it came true and Thundercat was there barely 22. As they were cut down the blood was collected into one tremendous brass bowl. The Ritual began. Thundercat does not speak of what follows ever. The dimmed dead and unfocused eyes only point to a horrific event. Thundercat now walks the world masking his fears in charm wandering the world searching for a way to cleanse his soul, as what happened that day takes its toll, on a rare occasion in the quite of the night if one wakes up they may notice Thundercat is gone, of to feed his addiction to ADULT BEVERAGE.


Comes from a past of poverty due to mother dying at birth and father being a thief and beggar in the city, he barely made enough to support his family and got his son, Uriel to take up the trade from a young age so he would be prepared for the harsh world that is in front of him, after a while he meets a benefactor who hires him for a big job that goes awry and causes Uriel to owe him a large some of money which he is working off little by little.

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